Elder sister captions and quotes [Birthday, hearty, funny and deep love]

Are you searching quotes for your lovely elder sister so we are here with some quotes. Elder sister is a pillar of our family, she cares us like a mom. My elder sister is very conscious about my health because she loves me very much. Sometimes when my elder sister is depressed I write some quotes for her to motivate her. I love her very much because she is everything for me. She is my mentor, my friend, my parent, my dance teacher, and my cutie pie. Here are some collections of quotes and captions for elder sister, I hope you will find it helpful.
sister captions, elder sister sayings, elder sister quotes, elder sister pick up lines, elder sister lines

20 Hearty captions and quotes for elder sister’s

sister captions, elder sister sayings, elder sister quotes, elder sister pick up lines, elder sister lines
sister captions, elder sister sayings, elder sister quotes, elder sister pick up lines, elder sister lines
sister captions, elder sister sayings, elder sister quotes, elder sister pick up lines, elder sister lines
sister captions, elder sister sayings, elder sister quotes, elder sister pick up lines, elder sister lines

1. You always inspire me to create something new… Thank you for always being with me.

2.U know each & everything about me…
You are like my soul.

3. I am your shadow dear sister, I want to be with you always.

4. You know all solutions to each of my problems…… how you do this sweetheart.

5. Your support makes me every time stronger.

6. You always motivate me to go forward and shine like a star.

7.”Creation is in our mind” I learn from you.

8. When your presence is with me all complications of life become so easy to survive.

9. You always give me the courage to face every situation….. Thank you so much for having in my life make it so beautiful.

10. If I ever skip back, you encouraged me to move forward.

11. Sister always saves us from difficulties by becoming sky and prevents us from stumbling by becoming ground.

12. A tear from a younger one increases elder sister anxiety.

13. Sister is your best friend & best advice too.

14. A sister always tells you the right & true way to go.

15. Sister is with you on every journey of your life.

16. When my sister is with me I  feel my life surroundings positive.

17. No one can understand you except an elder sister. She knows better about reasons.

18. Life is with you become joyful dear sister thankyou for having in my

19. Your mindset is always a collection of creations in which I learn something new.

20. You are my idol and I want to be like you.

20 funny quotes for elder sister

1. I always try your dresses when you are not at home.

2. I like to steal all your hair clips & clatures to show my friends as they are mine.

3. When you are scaring me, I feel like ” you are going to open all secrets in front of Father.

4. When you ask me to choose anyone’s dress from your wardrobe for me…it is the best part of my life.

5. When you refuse to give me anything of you…It is very bad.

6. you look so funny when you get angry you become slipping.

7. I get quiet when you get energy but later when your mood is right than your dialogs are really fun to speak to you.

8. I got so much energy but I can do nothing when you are busy with your phone and ask me to study.

9. when your clothes are tight and you say now you take it then my happiness doesn’t stay.

10. Sometimes spit comes out of your mouth in anger which falls on me. Then I only think when you stop scolding.

11. I love getting ready like you & click photos.

12. Laughing and giggling with my sister is the most beautiful part of life.

13. The one who made you laugh is the most beautiful part of life.

14. The one who made you laugh the most is only your sisters.

15. There is no adulteration in the laughter when you fall and tell some to your sister.

16. Fun with my sister is the most beautiful moment in the world.

17. Spend some time with your sister & some happiness it gives you relaxation in mind.

18. Life becomes happiest by sharing the fun with your sister.

19. When you do some important work at the same time, I also do important work with you…Don’t know why….This is also a lovely part of our life.

20 Deep love quotes for elder sister

1. Sister’s love is selfless…

 2. Make lots of Friends… but there can be no better & true Friend than a sister.

3. A sister who loves you more than anyone else & she also gets angry if you make mistakes because she cares for you a lot.

4. When a sister is with you, no one can push you back & stop from moving forward.

 5. Nothing is bigger in life if the stubbornness of getting it…Is bigger than that I learn this from you dear sister.

6. Sister’s care is always filled with a lot of love.

 7. There is also love in my sister’s anger.

 8. Sister always encourages us to reach our goals

9. Sister can fight for everyone for you….you should remember all these and try to get back when she needs you.

10. Sister’s love insults a new faith in the competition of a task.

11. One who together with you in your trouble also….is only your sister.

12. Never hides anything from your sister because her advice can be useful for you at any time.

13. She fights you the most because she loves you the most.

14. If she shows anger to stop for something.if means there is lots of love she hides inside.

15. If you smile, she also smiles, if you cry, she also cries. if you laugh, she also laughs, No one was like a sister in these words.

16. Sister is not the only sister, she is your soulmate too.

17. Sister fights for you everywhere and makes you a winner every time but silently.

18. You can laugh only…but you can laugh harder when your sister is with you.

19. Sister is always with you on your journey…whether it is dangerous or funny.

20. Life becomes beautiful…If a sister is there to hold your hand to cross every stage of your life…

20 birthday wishes for elder sisters

1.Happy birthday to you my super cool sister & superstar of my life.

2.Heartily congratulations for passing so many years of your life happily. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

3. Be with me always, your presence makes my life special.

4. Your presence is always in my heart, You are really a smile of the day. Happy birthday, sister.

5. Shine always like a sun,
    Sprinkle like a star,
    your all dreams will come true soon.
    Happy Birthday My cute sister

6. I learn a new thing from you by each coming day. Happy long life to you.     

7. With lots of love filling in my words, saying Happy birthday to you.

8. Your words always inspire me  –
A new way to live life…
Happy birthday, dear sis.

9. You always played a vital role in my happiness, sorrows, and worries, so be with me always love you…
 Happy birthday sister

10. I wish to have more happiness in life…. wishing you a happy birthday with lots of love.

11. You are like one eye from which I see,  there are no words to describe your togetherness. I wish that you will get whatever you want…
 Happy birthday didi

12. You are the soul of my life…
Happy birthday dear sister

13. Hope the coming days will bring lots of love and happiness in your life forgetting all women…Happy birthday didi

14. I have nothing to give you anything special  in comparison to your contribution to my life…. happy birthday

15. Thank you so much for each and everything you have done for me and support in every difficult situation.
[Happy birthday dear sister]

16. You are so beautiful with a beautiful & pure heart…. so keep smiling always, because it suits you.
Happy birthday

17. Never think yourself alone because everything can happen to result in something new.
Be Happy & Cool.

18. Take every tough situation easily…..and see it will seem easy
Happy birthday, dear.

19. I am very happy to have a sister like you.

20. You are my everything…

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