Date a girl with curly hair quotes, compliment and captions

    Are you falling in love with a curly girl and searching quotes for her then we are here for you. If you are planning a date with a curly girl and want some compliment for her, then choosing good words is a difficult task for you. Always choose genuine words and quotes to impress her. If she loves you then she smiles at your bad jokes. If you want to impress her then be real with you, don’t use a fake personality.
    Your quotes decide your inner sense about you, choosing good words for her compliment is your first step to impress her.
curly girls saying, quotes and sayings

    Quotes that impress a curly girl on a date

    curly girls saying, quotes and sayings, message for curly girls
    curly girls saying, quotes and sayings, message for curly girlscurly girls saying, quotes and sayings, message for curly girls
    1. Sometimes, I find myself drowning in your lovely hair.
    2. When I close my eyes and feel your curly hair I feel three things: love, relaxation, and peace.
    3.When I was alone and then you entered my environment to refill my life.
    4. Hey listen, You are the sole owner of my heart.
    5. I want to see my dreams with a curly girl.
    6. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you because you are my pulse.
    7. I love unique people to smile at myself and you are unique.
    8. I want you to enter my room with a cup of tea every morning.
    9. I want to drink juice with one straw with you.
    10. My morning breakfast starts with a curly beautiful wife and dinner ends with a curly lovely wife.
    11. I like your way of talking with everyone and now I am speechless.
    12. My next goal is to put a smile on your face forever.
    13. Can anyone guess I am where?
           Lost in someone’s hair.
    14. Your makeup is your curly hair.
    15. Just hearing your name makes my day joyful.
    16. Someone noticed that my environment changes its mood.
    17. I consider myself the happiest person on the earth when you see me with a smile.
    18. When I see your Shadow it looks like the most beautiful thing in the world.
    19. There is no jewelry to gain a beauty like yours.
    20. You are like a drug to me, my lovely curly babe.
    21. You are my soulmate and my soul is now yours.
    22. My love is rare and it is real.
    23. Will you want to become my heart owner?
    24. My car’s next seat is waiting for you.
    25. I want to make you my real-life heroine in my life.
    26. I want to celebrate every birthday with you.
    27. Why did I act foolishly, when I saw you.
    28. Nowadays I am listening to your voice instead of music.
    29. When the Sun gives me heat, then your presence protects me from its UV rays.
    30. Not necessarily every wish means love, sometimes even for an unknown relationship, the heart becomes restless.
    31. Please balance my life like you balance your curly hair😊.
    32. Will you make a cup of tea when I am working at my House?
    33. Please come into my life like a new year.
    34. Will you become my phone wallpaper?
    35. Your kindness towards everyone won my heart.
    36. If anyone asked me why I love you, then I say nothing because I have no words for your beauty.
    37. Please be the reason for my life.
    38. I want to make my summer vacation pleasant with you.
    39. I am the star of my sports team and you are the star of my life.
    40. I learned many things that are essential in my life, thank you.
    41. When I am restless, your memory gives me peace to enjoy my life.
    42. When you are with me, the whole atmosphere is looking happy.
    43. Your judgment ability is very powerful my DEAR.
    44. You are an investment of my whole life.
    45. What is love?
          What is care?
          What is the help?
          What is beauty?
          What is kindness?
          What is the most beautiful moment of life?
          All the above, I learned from you.
    46. How to handle any problems, you teach everyone.
    47. You fit perfectly in my life.
    48. I fell in love with the way you fall asleep slowly-slowely and finally.
    49. When I see you it seems that I have found heaven in real life.
    50. Why do I want to marry you?
           BECAUSE…..I want to kiss anytime I want.
    51. You can take my heart and me also.
    52. When someone asked me what wonderful feelings I had, I told him, when I saw you.
    53. When a train is at its full speed and passes a beautiful jungle, then I wish a House with you in that place.
    54. I never stop trying to achieve you.
    55. You will never age for me, my love is only pure love.
    56. For me, you are greater than death.
    57. Your eye’s glitter is better than real glitter.
    58. Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved a curly girl and that was me.
    59. Your specialty is your simplicity.
    60.  I want to be our big fan in your every step.
    61. I can feel your love and care with my heart.
    62. Your absence is like a tree without blossoms or fruits.
    63. Can we hold each other’s hands forever?
    64. The worst thing in this world is your absence.
    65. Love is a kind of education.
    66. Your love gives me the strength to fight with my negativity.
    67. I want to kiss on your forehead, fall in your eyes, and a huge.
    68. I fell in love with you the next second when I met you.
    69. Feeling,
          Lovely feeling,
          Deep feeling,
          Strong feeling,
          These are all feelings for you from my heart.
    70. I want to be absorbed in your every activity.
    71. I want to see the rest of my life with you.
    72. My best birthday gift is when you wished me.
    73. No matter what you think about me, I still love you.
    74. She came into my classroom and my new chapter started.
    75. She shines like new morning rays.
    76. When you wear our traditional dress then you look like an angel.
    78. When you talk on the phone, I see your face, smile, and anger reactions with full attention.
    79. [I love you]×1000000000000000000
    80. Ever since I saw you, I understood the meaning of love for the first time.

    Some words from us….

    The above-given lines and quotes are written based on our thinking. This is not necessarily the same as your thinking. You can try to describe your feeling in your own words,
    whatever you think about her. All the girls want their partner to be real, not any fake guy. If you really love her and she also wants you then she likes your ordinary jokes and loves you.

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